In co-operation with Charlie Yapp @ Secrets Of Speed & Scalded Dog Speed Parts, we are constructing a Model A Ford short block to accept the new Cyclone cylinder head and components. We will use this engine as the development engine for this combination.

The overview is to build a street driven engine that is easily re-producible by the Model A enthusiast, using components supplied by us at Piranio’s Antique Automotive and other Model A Ford suppliers.

The development and dyno results are ready.



We started with a Model A Ford block, surfaced the pan rails, intake and deck surfaces.

Intake pushrod guides, provided by Charlie Yapp, were installed where the intake seats would normally be & hard exhaust seats were installed in the stock location. The block was then bored & honed to accept pistons with our ceramic coating on the tops & Teflon coated skirts. The ceramic reflects the heat of combustion back into the combustion chamber for more efficient combustion, while the Teflon on the piston skirts acts as a dry lubricant, allowing tighter piston to wall clearances. The tighter piston to wall clearances keep the rings square to the cylinder for better sealing.





We are using the Antique Automotive insert rod & main bearings while retaining the stock oiling system.












The Model A crankshaft was counterweighted, rod & main journals ground and the rear flange faced. We then balanced the rotating assembly.









The valve train will consist of a model “B” camshaft driven by a  Dan McEachern bronze cam gear & billet steel crank gear. The intake valve is in the Cyclone head, while the exhaust valve is one of our stainless steel valves positioned in the stock location. The block has been machined to accept adjustable lifters and we will use stock exhaust valve springs.

This photo shows the assembled short block with the center main bearing pressure oiled.